Information for Authors

Participation in the XXI National Congress of Mechanical Engineering (XXI CNIM 2016) as an author necessarily involves the transfer of copyright to the Spanish Association of Mechanical Engineering for publication and national and international distribution by any means deemed appropriate. Sending articles or communications to CNIM 2016 XXI constitutes acceptance of the transfer of rights.

1. Description of the scientific review process.

The review process will follow the following steps (see the deadlines in “Calendar”):

  • Abstract submission.
  • Abstract submission communication (The web application automatically sends a confirmation email after receiving the abstract).
  • Abstract peer review. At least 2 anonymous members of the scientific committee will evaluate each abstract.
  • Communication of peer review result: accepted, conditionally accepted or rejected. Depending on each case, corrections or comments that reviewers consider appropriate will be included.
  • Sending final papers indicating preference on the presentation format (oral/poster).
  • Final paper submission communication (The web application automatically sends a confirmation email after successfully receiving the final paper).
  • Review of the final paper.
  • Communication of final acceptance and presentation format in which the paper has been included in the congress program (oral or poster).

2. Instructions for preparing abstracts.

The abstract should be sent in MS Word format (only acceptable format), DOC or DOCX extension according to the editor’s version. The file Formato resumen XXCNIM 2014.pdf includes the standards for the abstract format. It is recommended to use the file with the abstract and overwrite its contents. The model is self-explanatory and a number of basic instructions can be found in it. For more elegance and uniformity, the committee kindly requests to use the predefined paragraph styles in the document. These styles have the names of the paragraphs that should be given the same format.

Authors should identify, in their opinion, which is the most appropriate subject area to catalog their papers according to the main themes of the congress. To that end, Word files should include the number of the subject area and separated by a hyphen, the surname of the first author. In the case of submitting more than one paper in the same subject area, they should be numbered consecutively and the number must be added after the surname by a hyphen. For example:

Professor Felipe Garcia Martinez wants to send three summaries, the first within the subject area “08-Railway Engineering” and the following two within the subject area “15-Projects with companies”. The file names should be:




Documents for the preparation of the abstract:

• Formato resumen XXICNIM 2015.pdf (Standards for the Preparation abstract).

• Modelo resumen XXICNIM 2015.doc (Model summarized in MS Word).

3. Instructions for abstract submission.

 The following steps should be followed for abstract submissions:

1) Registration of the author of the paper. To register, please access to the submission application. This registration is required for sending papers.

2) Once registered, you must select the option “[New Submission]” on the right from your profile “Autor”.

3) The following sections need to be filled in:

- On the first tab (START) authors choose the section where they want to send the abstract, it must be saved and then click “Guardar y continuar “.

- In the tab (MANUSCRIPT SUBMISSION) authors select the file from their computer and upload it. Then it must be saved by clicking on ” Guardar y continuar “.

- In the tab (METADATA REGISTRATION) authors’ data is filled. If there is more than one author, they can be added using “Añadir autor”. Depending on the number you select, more or less fields appear to include the following information:

  • First Name, Last Name, E-mail and affiliation: of the authors of the proposal.
  • Title: of the proposal.
  • Abstract: of the proposal.

- In the last tab (CONFIRMATION) submission can be completed and, after that, an acknowledgment of receipt email will be received.

For each abstract that needs to be sent, authors must follow steps 2 and 3.

It is reminded that the deadline for abstracts reception is March 1, 2016.

4. Instructions for the preparation of articles.

For the preparation of the article, the model (template) MS Word should be used. Authors can download the template below in this section.

The model is self-explanatory (it is recommended to overwrite its contents) and the rules for writing the article it can be found in it.

Formato artículo para XXI CNIM ELCHE 2016.dotx

For sending papers, the following steps must be followed.

1) The item must be sent in PDF (only acceptable format). It is recommended to verify that the figures, special characters and texts on the pdf-generated file are faithful to the original document.

2) To send the entire paper, you must name the file with a numeric code corresponding to the subject area you want to be included, followed by a hyphen and the title of the paper. For ex.: “09- Dynamic regenerative braking in electric vehicles.pdf”..

3) To upload the definitive paper, authors must log in their identified access and associate a new file. On the form you must select “Otros” and attach the paper file.

It is reminded that the deadline for reception of definitive papers is June 30, 2016.

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